Future of Cognitive Admissions Tests

      Big Issues in Testing Conference: Improving Admissions and Learning in Higher Education
      University of Nebraska - Lincoln
      March 28-29, 2013

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TITLE: The Future of College Admissions Testing in America (March 2013) (46 min.) LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Describe the contents, administration, and scoring of admissions tests. 2. Identify the methodology used to construct and evaluate admissions tests. 3. Discuss the future directions of admissions tests. ABSTRACT: This introductory-level presentation will trace the changing nature of admissions tests historically as they have progressively transformed from ability tests to tests of academic achievement to an increasing degree. It will have three foci: test administration and scoring, the content of the examinations, and some methodological considerations. Test administration and scoring will focus primarily on technological reflections. The content of the tests will consider how the admissions tests are moving from ability to academic achievement tests. Finally, the methodological considerations will involve universal design, the language of testing, keeping tests fair, and security issues. BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Kurt F. Geisinger is currently Director of the Buros Center on Testing and W. C. Meierhenry Distinguished University Professor at the University of Nebraska. He has previously been Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Fordham University, Professor of Psychology and Dean of Arts and Sciences at SUNY-Oswego, Professor of Psychology and Academic Vice President at LeMoyne College and Professor of Psychology and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of St. Thomas, in Houston, TX. He has served the maximum two terms as council representative for the Division of Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics in the American Psychological Association, which he also represents on the ISO's International Test Standards committee. He was elected President of the Coalition for Academic, Scientific and Applied Psychology for the 2009 year, to the board of the International Test Commission and to the American Psychological Association's Board of Directors. His primary interests lie in validity theory, admissions testing, proper test use, test use with individuals with disabilities, the testing of language minorities and the translation or adaptation of tests from one language and culture to another. Previously Geisinger was an APA delegate and chair of the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (1992-1996), a member of APA's Committee on Psychological Testing and Assessment, Chair of the Graduate Record Examination Board, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Graduate Record Examination, a member of the SAT Advisory Committee, a member of NCME's Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a Code of Ethical Standards Committee, and numerous other ad hoc task forces and panels.